Hi, I’m Marie Manon.

Marie-Manon Corbeil is an abstract expressionist artist based in Calgary, Canada. Born in French-speaking Montréal, Quebec, Marie began painting merely as a hobby in her mid-30s. As each canvas became a release for raw emotions and feelings, she recognized that painting was in her soul, so she dedicated years of study at the Calgary School of Art.

She has devoted her craft to vivid acrylic paints, rich in texture and vibrant in tone, but also evocative and expressive. Marie uses large brushes, finger strokes, marks and scribblings to breathe life into each painting. What emerges is a powerful visual display of vulnerability.

Always developing her skills and pushing her limits, Marie-Manon is progressing from local Canadian artist to achieving recognition at an intercontinental level by studying with renowned international instructors. For the past six years, she has been participating in workshops with Jean Pederson, a Canadian, internationally known artist and online classes, workshop and mentorship program with the renamed Robert Burridge from California.

Never forgetting her roots, Marie-Manon participates in numerous art exhibitions in and around her home city. Her works have been sold to many private collectors and demand for commissioned custom pieces continues to escalate, with her fine art pieces being shipped to homes across Canada and the US, and some travelling to London and Dubai. Her large works are in particular demand.

She is committed to bringing in your home with her masterpieces that can be mysterious with vaporous designs or soothing in neutral tones the feelings you are looking for in an artwork.

Marie-Manon is passionate about giving back to her community and therefore regularly donates her fine arts to her church and to local charities, with support dedicated helping children affected with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).


I am an artist that constantly challenged myself. I create balance and equilibrium in my work and master the flow of the paint. My paintings are free, honest, and colourful, also leaving the art with emotional content.  I am very influenced by my feelings and I incorporate them into my artworks. Sometimes, I even compare these feelings that influenced my paintings to my bright and dark side.

You can recognize my work from my brush strokes that I create using very long brushes, the juxtaposition of colours, hidden words and different tones and values.

I try with every finished work to leave a mystery and something personal about myself.  My artwork speaks not only for me but for the people who are long-time gone.



Gallery representation:






Store representation:




Solo/Group Show 2019

Theater 1308 Feb-March

Maillot Homes March

Solo/Group Exhibition 2018:

Motion Gallery 2014 – 2018

Essential Living Design Trade

Hearther and Co.

Centre d’Arts visuel de l’Alberta

Something New, Something old (Loft 112)

Solo/Group Exhibition 2017:

Essential Living Design Trade (on going)

Art Spot – Annual events

Motion Gallery 2014 – 2018

Centre d’Arts visual de l’Alberta (on going)

FosterMak – Gathering

FosterMak – Collecto

FosterMak – Local Art Series 1

Solo/Group Exhibition 2016:

Motion Gallery

Centre d’Arts visual de l’Alberta


Group Exhibition 2015:

Love Show, Art Spot, Calgary

“Raw GRANDEUR”, Standard, Calgary

Permanent Exhibition at Chiropractic Family Care Centre, Calgary

Smoke & Mirrors – Donated painting for Calgary Humane Society

Motion in Art – Inglewood Community Centre, Calgary

Speed Painting Team – Art Battle fundraiser for Mental Health Aware

Splash Art Market – Calgary

Tangent – CAVA, Edmonton

Proposition Abstraite – Alberta Cultural Days, Calgary


Photo credit for leDroit Affaires Gatineau/Ottawa June 2019

Collective Minds Inc Magazine First Edition

Photo credit for Abstract Acrylic Workshop – Venus Studios, Palm Desert CA

Inspiration Art Book, Edition 2016

Professional Artist Magazine December 2017


Bermuda Art School

Calgary School of Art

Beyond Borders / Jean Pederson, Mario Robinson (International artist instructors)

Danielle Bartlette / NeonMilkShake.com

Robert Burridge/ International Artist Instructor

Michael J. Downs / Canadian Professional artist instructor

Danielle Bartlette / professional Canadian artist instructor (private lessons)

Robert Burridge International Artist Instructor – Mentorship program

Corporate projects:

Truman, master home builder / Show homes

Street Side Developments (Award-winning builder)

Maillot Homes

Baywest Homes

Corporate Art Collectors

Ed. Brunet and Associates – Gatineau, Quebec

Mountain Therapy – Canmore, Alberta

Dr. Jeannette Soriano – Calgary, Alberta

International Collectors/ Countries

United States


London / United Kingdom

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